Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Stepping out in Faith

     As I get older I have developed some problems with my legs and back, and I am using a cane these days, primarily for security and balance.  There is an uncertainty to my venturing forth.  The last thing I need is to fall and hurt myself or provide the very difficult challenge of getting me back on my feet (a crane, I think, would be needed in that case).  In the past year or so, the ice and snow of our winters have proven frightening.

     The Gospel from Matthew this morning (Mt 14:22-36) has Peter stepping out in Faith onto the waters of the lake.  Rash and impetuous as always, when Peter saw the Lord coming toward the disciples on the water, he said "Lord, if it is you, command me to come to you on the water."  Jesus said "Come."

     Now the interesting thing is that Peter got out of the boat without hesitation and started walking toward Jesus.  Walking on the water.  No doubts.  No second guessing.  At least for a few minutes.  Then he realizes what is happening and what he is doing, and with his sight straying from the one commanding him to "Come", he begins to falter and become frightened, blaming it on the wind!  Only then does he begin to sink.  It takes Jesus to reach out and bring him to the water's surface and ultimately to the boat.   Focused on him, trusting in his word of command, reassured by his loving embrace, we can do the impossible, and the "foolish" becomes a sign of strength and wisdom.  We do not need the crutch or the cane to provide security and balance.  All we need is the Faith given us freely as a gift, and trust in the giver of the gift.  Nothing is impossible.


     I have buried two long time parishioners these past few days.  Yesterday was Dorothy Dow and today was Irene Sekercheck.  May their souls, and the souls of all of the faithful departed, rest in peace.

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