Saturday, October 12, 2013

Getting through

     I have not posted much this week because I have what so many around me have - a summer/fall head cold.  It began last Sunday with a scratchy throat and by Tuesday was a full fledged head cold with lots of congestion and a head that seemed like it was encased in concrete.  No fever or flu symptoms, no aches or pains, just congestion and tiredness.  Even tonight as I was preparing for liturgy, none of my thoughts were coming together and my level of inspiration was almost non existent.  I was even tempted to not preach!  Almost.

     Between the head cold, the pundants and politicians on the political front, the discontent/crisis promoters on the diocesan front, the self promoting/self destructive actions of people I know or see on TV or the news, all I could see was a spreading darkness, a deadly fog setting in, and evil spirit that commanded our attention.  All I could see were "large talking heads" (like the one on the Snickers commercial - the "horseless headsman" confused and bumbling) talking at but not to others, absorbed in themselves rather than the common good of others, frightening in their disconnect from reality.  I realize that much of this for me is the cold - my physical condition.  But I also realize that the power of darkness loves moments like this, loves situations that focus us on building up ourselves rather than our sisters and brothers, occasions where respect and honor and civility are not to be upheld and practiced, loves the sidelining of God.

     Upon a people who walked in darkness a great light has shone.  To a people that find little to hope for a hope is given in Jesus Christ.  To a people swept up in the evil and emptiness of the day, redemption and mercy, forgiveness and life have been given.  And thank God for those who continue to point out that truth with joy and simplicity.  Thank God for his inspiration tonight that allowed me to preach rather than remain silent.  There is too much silence as it is ... too little proclaiming of the Good News.

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