Thursday, November 28, 2013


     As we celebrate Thanksgiving Day in these United States, here are a few things that I am truly thankful for:

A loving God who has gifted me with life and who knows me and accepts me for who I am, and is willing to love me into holiness.

     A faith entrusted to me by my folks and my family and my   Church that introduced me to Jesus Christ and graced me with the gift of acceptance into his family, the Church.

The gift of loving parents, Frances and Bill, who have gone home to Heaven and of a sister, Jane, who is a great friend as well as a loving sister, and of Sammy, the puppy.

     Family and friends and parishioners that have supported me, love me, and honor me with their friendship.

The vocation to the priesthood, and the forty years of service to the People of God in this Diocese in a variety of parishes and ministries.

     The mercy of God which allows me to witness to the Gospel despite my unworthiness.

Unbelievable opportunities and experiences in my lifetime that show me God with us.

     And for countless blessings that would take a lifetime (and volumes) to describe.  Among those is the ministry of Journey Thoughts.

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