Monday, December 30, 2013

A Freedom of Heart

     As the old year comes to a close we look back and reflect, we assess the state of our lives with each other and as members of enlightened societies, and we find much to be desired in the quality of our lives and the direction that we are pursuing.  Caught up in the long darkness of these Winter nights and the dreariness of the the overcast, cloudy, rain or snow filled days, we long for sun, and warmth, and Spring.  I know that not everyone shares my sentiments on the weather, but I believe it is universally accepted that there is a prevailing darkness and need in our lives that is not wholesome.  We await a relief, a new beginning and fresh start with a positive attitude.  We behold the "old year" as Father Time with his scythe that is meant to "cut down" and we await the "new year's child" of optimism and hope.  Some drink themselves into oblivion on New Years Eve in order to be able to face the future. 
   The Entrance Antiphon for the Mass on the Sixth Day Within the Octave of Christmas (today) says:
"When a profound silence covered all things
and night was in the middle of its course,
your all-powerful Word, O Lord,
bounded from heaven's royal throne."
The Collect says that "the ancient servitude holds us bound beneath the yoke of sin" until we are "set free" by the newness of the Word made flesh in the Nativity.  When we realize the awesome gift that the Nativity is to us, then we begin to understand the freedom that is ours, and the foolishness of continuing to walk in darkness, and sin, and doubt and loss.  Let us not give way to either controlled or reckless abandon on this eve of the New Year, but rather let us with gratitude for the gifts received, celebrate this passage of time with enthusiasm and hope and prayer. May the Year of Our Lord 2014 be an outstanding time of grace and favor. 

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