Monday, April 21, 2014


     It has been many days since my last post.  In that time, though, I/we have journeyed through the most powerful and most beautiful week of the year, a week that we call "holy" and a week that culminates in the greatest liturgy of the year - a three day unveiling of mysteries that are redemptive and lifegiving.  And then from our hearts and our throats comes forth the great alleluia of exultant joy at the empty tomb and the invitation to come and be with the occupant of that empty tomb in our Galilee, our everyday lives.  The emptiness of the tomb brings fullness to our lives.  The tragedy of Friday is seen as "good" in light of the powerful gift of love offered on that cross.

     This week for me was extremely beautiful in liturgies and prayer that uplifted the heart and mind.  The hard work of so many in the parish setting to prepare for and execute these liturgies is inspiring.  The expectant faith of those who used well the Lenten season to heighten their awareness of Christ and deepen their desire for a more intimate relationship lifted the heart.  The local church joining with the Universal Church in these age old rituals speaks of the vibrant life of the Body of Christ. 

     This week was also very difficult for me.  As mentioned in an earlier post, I developed a chest cold that lingered and wiped me out.  So the least thing done left me drained, and my level of concentration was diminished.  Colds are colds and we all get them, but for a priest at this week of the year, a cold is not welcomed friend.  I was not up to par ... but the people understood and prayed and were concerned, and many of our faithful ministers filled in where needed.  For that I am grateful.

     For the many who shared in this week, for the blessings of a wonderful Lord, for family and friends and fellow journeyers, my grateful prayers are placed before the throne of the Paschal Lamb.

     I am taking a few days off this week, but will return toward the end of the week refreshed and eager to continue sharing my thoughts on our journey together.  Until then ... peace and joy in the Risen Lord.

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