Saturday, October 11, 2014

The week

   The past week went by very quickly.  Here is a short rundown of my week, for what it is worth.

    On each of the past two Fridays I met with a candidate in our Permanent Diaconate program for spiritual direction.  I am honored to serve in that capacity for three of our men.  I am aways impressed with their spirituality and their commitment to Church as well as their patience with the program which has gone on now for more years than it took me to become a priest.  They got caught up in a developing program of formation, and their patience is noteworthy.  Another man in the program, Jeff Cieslewicz, is a parishioner here at Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, and we are very blessed.

     Last Saturday, the feast of Saint Francis, saw our annual Blessing of Pets.  This year, for the first time in the last four or five, it was cool (cold) and overcast and rainy with a small shower of ice pellets right before blessing time.  So we were indoors, and our numbers were down a bit, but we had a great time.  There were nearly twenty dogs and three cats with each receiving a carefully sprinkled blessing with holy water as well as a medal and holy card of Saint Francis, as well as species appropriate treat bags.  I have included a few of the friends of our parishioners.



     Monday saw the seasonal decoration of the sanctuary area of the church by two of our decorators and a trip to the eye doctor for a followup on a procedure on my retina ... with good news rather than another procedure.  Tuesday I shared the Prayers of the Church for the dead with a family who brought their husband and dad from Florida to be buried at a local cemetery.  I was asked by a local funeral director to lead the service at the cemetery, and I was honored.  The family expressed their gratitude.  The rest of the week involved the usual appointments, check signings, correspondence and bulletin items and inserts.  A number of months ago I began a one page flyer monthly in the bulletin entitled "Curious Catholic Corner" on a subject of interest in Catholic circles.  This month I wrote on the Precepts of the Church, something we don't hear much of these days.  An intergenerational workshop for parents and candidates for the Sacrament of Reconciliation coming up in December was held this morning, then regularly scheduled confessions and Mass this afternoon at 4:00 pm then dinner.
     Not an overly exciting or productive week, but one of blessing in doing God's work.  God is good indeed.

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