Friday, July 17, 2015

Another neat thing about the ordination

     Bishop Malesic continues to impress me with the personal choices that he made for his Ordination Liturgy.  He chose as Readers Sister Catherine Meinert, S.C., Provincial Superior/President of the Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill (the largest community of Women Religious in the Diocese whose members have and continue to serve and befriend the Diocese) and a lovely, humble person, and Justin Chovanec, a fourteen year old young man from the Diocese who did an outstanding job and was thrilled at the opportunity to be a part of the festivities. 
His story is interesting.  His mom, Toni, is Youth Minister in Mount Pleasant, and on the day of Bishop Malesic's announcement, ran into him at the Pastoral Center.  They spoke, she told him about herself and her family (she and her husband, Mike, have three boys), and she wished him well.  He made a point of calling her as preparations were getting underway to ask her permission to ask her son, Justin, to be a Reader.  She said yes, and he called Justin personally and spoke to him for awhile and made his request.  Justin, obviously, said yes.  I spoke to him before the Liturgy and told him not to be nervous.  He looked and acted anything but nervous.  The honor quite literally, made his day. It touched my heart, too, for I married his mom and dad and baptized Justin and his older brother.

     The selection of Gift Bearers also had a nice local touch: the new Bishop's Secretary, Lauretta Gordon (who is usually behind the scenes) and Sheila Murray, the Chief Financial Officer of the Diocese (who usually does not have a liturgical role in things).  He also chose two students from our Catholic High Schools - Kaylee Ermine, a recent graduate from Geibel and Romano Sebastiani, a representative from Central.

     Again, the choices in themselves are great, but the personal touch that he brings goes a long way and affirms the people of God in this local Church.


     Last evening I went out to dinner in Greensburg and as I was arriving, Bishop Malesic and Msgr. Larry Kulick were leaving the restaurant.  They came over and we spoke for awhile in the parking lot by my car.  They were on their way home from a Mass for Slovak Day at Kennywood, a local amusement park near Pittsburgh.  As we were talking, a car stopped for the stop sign and the passenger lowered the window and yelled out "Hello!  Welcome to the Diocese!"  People are already responding.

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