Thursday, October 29, 2015

Lives that touched with gentleness

Father Jacques DePaul Daley, O.S.B.
     This past Sunday, October 25th, Father Jacques DePaul Daley, O.S.B. of Saint Vincent Archabbey died at the Archabbey.  Father Jacque who was born in 1936 and been a solemnly professed member of the Saint Vincent Community since 1968, has been a priest since 1971.   After studies in French literature in Vermont and Paris and theological studies in Rome, he did his doctrinal studies on the writings and spirituality of Saint Therese of Lisieux.  Father Jacques was well known for a number of series on EWTN on Saint Therese, Saint Catherine of Siena and Saint Faustina between 1995 and 2006 as well as a series on the Rosary.  He served as chaplain at three local hospitals from 1984 through 2014, where he ministered with great care, joy and love to countless people from the Diocese and the area in their moments of need.  Seeing Father Jacques roaming the halls in his habit and black skullcap meant a kind word and compassionate and prayerful care to one and all.

     Father Jacques had one of those unique and quirky personalities that made him stand out in a crowd.  As priest, scholar, teacher, retreat master and spiritual director, TV personality, hospital chaplain and most especially as a Benedictine monk, Father Jacques' presence was known to all.  From his obit, Archabbot Douglas Nowicki of Saint Vincent said that "Father Jacques loved his special ministry to the sick and hospitalized.  His outgoing and friendly personality enabled him to inspire hope in those who confronted disabling physical and mental challenges, or personal losses.  He was greatly loved and will be greatly missed."  I echo Archabbot Douglas, and express the gratitude of so many in and beyond the Greensburg Diocese.  May he rest in peace. 

Tom Bayne
     And I just received word of the death of one of our former priests of the Diocese of Greensburg who had died on August 30, 2015.  Thomas B. Bayne was living at the Vincentian Villa in Pittsburgh with his wife, Clara, until his death.  Tom was ordained for the Diocese of Greensburg from Saint Vincent Seminary in 1959, and served a variety of assignments before leaving the active ministry.  Leaving active ministry is a misnomer, since I understand that Tom and his wife are very active in the life of the Church in the Pittsburgh area.
     My memories of Tom, who was 82 years of age at his death, involved his assignment to our high school minor seminary in Greensburg that I attended since its opening.  Tom as assigned to "build a library" and with the help of a Sister of Charity of Seton Hill (whose name slips my mind), worked diligently with his knowledge of library science to do so.  I remember helping him catalogue books and set up the stacks, and teaching me to love and appreciate books.  I thank him for that, and for the genuinely gentle spirit of this good man.  May the Lord grant him joy and give comfort to his family.


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