Thursday, November 5, 2015


     The immersion referred to in the title of this post has nothing to do with the Sacrament of Baptism, but rather the experience of our bishop with this small but wonderful diocese called Greensburg.  I've mentioned before that since his ordination as our fifth bishop in July, Bishop Ed Malesic has immersed himself into the lives of his people and brings with him a great joy, a warm welcome, a great wit, and a caring spirit.  Having gone through a round of parish visits before going off to Rome for a few weeks of meetings with officials at the "school for new bishops", or as he calls it "Baby Bishop's School", and then doing the whole Pope Francis U.S. trip agenda, he has settled into using every opportunity to meet and greet, to go to parishes and schools, visit Religious Congregations, attend gatherings and meetings of groups, and just be there with people in that charming way that he cultivated over the years of being a pastor.

At New Kensington Confirmation
At Greensburg Central Catholic Homecoming
With the Daughters of Mary from Saint Anne Home 

     Much of this has been chronicled in our Diocesan paper "The Catholic Accent" and on our diocesan web site, but also on the Bishop's own fb page [Bishop Ed Malesic] which he keeps supplied with pictures.  He is, as I have said before, a refreshing change.  I am sure that his schedule will demand more time in the office and the physical limits to being everywhere at the same time will come into play, but in the mean time I/we are grateful for his spirit and energy and his presence among his people.

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