Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Mea Culpa

     In this third week of Advent, our area is celebrating a series of four Advent Penance Services, with last night's being at our parish.  It is a cherished tradition that allows us to prepare spiritually for the celebration of Christmas, to prepare our hearts for a renewed encounter with Christ, and, looking to the future, to keenly prepare the way within our lives for the second coming of the Christ.

     In the spirit of our need for Christ and his family, the Church, and in recognition of our shortcomings and failings through sin, and our need to repentance, I would like to offer a sincere "mea culpa" for lagging in my postings.  I wish that I could give you valid explanations and excuses, but the truth is that I have been lazy.  These past weeks since Advent began have been filled with thoughts and reflections that I have tried to give flesh to, but they have never reached these pages because I have failed to sit down and put them into Journey Thoughts.  "Mea Culpa - My Fault ... mea maxima culpa!"

    There have been so many great things happening and so much worthy of our reflection, that I will attempt to "catch up" in the next few posts.   All I know is that the refreshment and blessing that I feel as a conduit of God's mercy and forgiveness has again been a source of blessing as I prepare for Christmas.

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