Wednesday, January 13, 2016

He waits for us ...

     Pope Francis shared in his General Audience today thoughts on his favorite topic, that of the mercy of God.  In his presentation he had this to say:

     "God's love, freely given, precedes any merit on our part; his faithfulness, like that of the father in the parable of the prodigal son, has no limits.  He waits for us, ever ready to forgive our sins and to welcome us back to a right relationship with him.  In this Year of Mercy, may we turn to God with all our heart, trusting in his mercy and grace, his infinite faithfulness and love."

     More and more in my preaching and sharing with others I stress this positive and life transforming reality of God's love and mercy.   It allows all of us, great and small, sinner and saint, to come to him, who waits for us, and to embrace life everlasting.  Despite ourselves, his love, freely given, has no limit.  Embrace that tender mercy, now rather than later, for he waits for us.

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