Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Seventy years ago today

     It was a seasonally cold but beautiful day, unlike today, when on the afternoon of February 17, 1946, Frances Louise Lenard and William Vincent Stoviak shared the Sacrament of Marriage at Saint Mary of the Nativity Church in Uniontown, Pennsylvania.   He was the son of John and Bessie Stoviak of near Uniontown, a recent war veteran, and soon to become a city policeman in Uniontown.  She was the second daughter of Frank and Mary Lenard of Uniontown.  Her dad was a business man in the city, and with family and friends, it was quite an occasion.


     The began their journey and established their home and formed a family that included myself and then my sister, Janie.   They were good people, great parents, and models of what journey is all about.  They lived their lives well, and were very proud of both of us ... as we are of them.   They both had birthdays this past week - dad would have been 96 on Tuesday and mom 97 on Thursday.  And today, a few days after Valentine's Day and World Day of Marriage, they celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary.   They both have been gone for a number of years now, but they are both close to our hearts.  Happy Anniversary!

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