Monday, November 28, 2016

A Fresh Start

     There is a great tendency in our lives to run from one thing to the next, to seek after the novelty, the new thing of the day, or to wander aimlessly in life.  Our reason to be is all too often rooted in the fleeting.  There are occasions when we follow a particular way for awhile, resolving to "stay on course" [ as a new subscriber to Netflix, I have spent my free first month committed to watching past seasons of two tv shows that I never watched before - five seasons of the one and now three of the other - so that I can be caught up ].  But even with that I will lose interest and move on to something else, which is okay, since I have a clear idea of my reason to be, and it is not founded on being current with tv programs or the latest things.

     The season of Advent began yesterday with a call to commitment, perseverance and vigilance on our quest toward our ultimate goal, not a thing or experience or hope, but rather the concrete reality of a life giving relationship to Jesus Christ.  In that relationship we are embraced by the Father of all creation and possess the Spirit of love that belongs to the Children of God.  It has been revealed to us that the Father has chosen us to be his own. He has called us to life and holiness.  And when we struggled to find our way, he sent his Son, Jesus, as friend and brother, to show us the way home.  Jesus came in time, born in Bethlehem of Judea two thousand years ago, taught us, healed us, loved us, and died for us so that we may live.  He gave us his Spirit as our strength, and his Church as our family, and a promised return as our hope.

     Advent reminds us to renew our journey toward Christ.  We are to prepare to celebrate his birth those many years ago, but we are more importantly to welcome him each morning, actually each moment, into the depth of our hearts.  And we are to ready ourselves for that moment of encounter when he comes at the end of time to walk us into the promise of an eternity of joy and gladness.  He will come in glory to judge each of us and all of humanity with an embrace of love.  Advent reminds us that our daily journey is a pilgrimage to the mountain of the Lord, and that his Spirit is our strength and his Church is the rope line, the thread, that makes sure that we do not lose our way. 

     May this Advent be a time of renewal and blessing, and a source of peace.

     Our bishop, Bishop Edward Malesic, is on facebook, and his reflection yesterday was great.  Check him out - Bishop Ed Malesic - on fb.

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