Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Our yearly inspection

     I had made an appointment today for my annual car inspection for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  In fact, my car is at the dealership as I write, for this annual ritual.  In our county, we are also required to have an emission sticker.  This annual rite of passage for the car is an attempt to make sure that the vehicle is safe and sound, and with the emission test, that we are not doing any harm to those around us.  A small price to pay for safety and security.

     Lent is just such a moment of personal and corporate inspection in our lives, both spiritually and physically.  It is that annual testing of the basic aspects of our lives of faith that give us an indication as to what work needs to be done, how much tuning is required, or whether we are in tip top shape.  Most of us need some form of overhaul - just as my car will need the oil changed, fluids checked, tired rotated, etc.  Through our prayer, fasting and charity we spend these next number of weeks tuning up our faith journey so that we can safely traverse the uncertainties of life.  And like, with my emission testing, we find out whether we are causing harm to others through our sinfulness and failures.

     Use this Lenten Season well!  No matter what the cost of the inspection, it will be well worth the time and effort in order that we may travel safely with the Lord.

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