Thursday, June 21, 2012

I was impressed

     Last evening in watching the evening news on CBS I saw a piece done on a group of Women Religious that is participating in something called "Nuns on the Bus".  I was impressed with Sister Simone Campbell who spoke very simply and eloquently about the purpose of this 14 sister bus trip that will visit nine states to protest the cuts to federal programs for the poor.  They have been and continue to be champions of the poor and needy, and they want to use this opportunity to speak out and bear witness.  As Sister Simone pointed out, Women Religious are often at the forefront and on the cutting edge of social issues, as is the Church generally.

     Of course the issue of the Vatican questioning of the involvement of Women Religious in such issues came up in the interview.  I saw no disloyalty in Sister Simone's responses to the questions.  Sometimes I wish that the Church would be blessed with a better PR policy.  I've heard so many people question the investigation of the Sisters.  There are Sisters who are in your face or radical in their approaches, I'm sure.  But  even they, and definitely the vast majority of Sisters, are radically committed to the Church and to living the Gospel message to the fullest.  I/we are proud of their faith, service and commitment.

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