Saturday, June 30, 2012

A word of thanks ...

     One of our priests, Monsignor J. Edward McCullough, pastor of Saint Aloysius parish in Dunbar, will be retiring this summer.  He has been a very generous and kind good friend to me and has served this Diocese as a priest for the last forty-five years.  As with so many of us, he has served in many capacities, presently serving as pastor of Saint Aloysius (he usually says for the past few years, even though it has been twenty-six years) and as Director of the Mission Office of the Diocese.

     Last evening his parish family hosted a wonderful Retirement Dinner to honor him and to celebrate his priesthood.  It was held at a golf course just outside of Uniontown - a beautiful setting and banquet hall.  It was filled with parishioners and friends, and we had a great dinner - by candlelight.  Even though there were candles on the table, it was literally by candlelight.  A number of very severe storms came through our region in the early evening, high winds, lightning, driving rain, etc., with one of those reaching us just as dinner was about to be served.  Of course, the lights went out and the back up generator kicked in, providing dimmed lighting and a great atmosphere.  As the storm continued, even the generator went out, leaving us with candlelight (and the occasional i phone flashlight apps).  Except for the loss of the air conditioning, it was a "romantic" way to celebrate a priest's retirement, and made for a memorable occasion.  Thank God the food was ready to be served ... and thank God that it was so delicious.

     Our congratulations and deep thanks to Father Ed for his service to the people of God.

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