Monday, July 2, 2012

Fortnight For Freedom - Day 11

     If we look at history, we find that all too often conflicts arise between religions, and between societies and religious belief.  These conflicts are rooted in the basic premise that "I'm right ... and you're wrong".  If we hold fast to the deposit of truth that we understand has been revealed to us, then we must stand secure on the foundation laid out for us.  If someone takes a contrary stance, then we have a potential problem.  When we allow those differences to dominate our lives, to guide our actions in a lack of respect for others because of their views, then we find ourselves in trouble.  That does not mean that we seek the least common denominator, that we compromise for the sake of peace and or unity.  But it does demand that we approach others with respect for their person, even if their views or beliefs are "off the wall".  What we do not need more of is religious bigotry of any kind.  The Council Fathers speak of a role of government as being a promoter of the public order ... not by taking sides but by enacting just laws laws and guarding the equal rights of all.  The difficulty arises when governments fail to see their right to govern as being God given and lead and base their existence upon a purely secular world view.  When God is out of the equasion, self rules ... and when self rules, real, revealed truth is subjugated to "my good" and not necessarily the common good.  Then we need to strive for freedom and equality, to work for justice and peace, to pray for world and nation, to educate ourselves and enter the political arena, BUT most importantly to FAST and PRAY, to do PENANCE for our failures, and then to humble ourselves before God.  A good friend of mine reminded me of that in a recent blog. 

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