Friday, July 6, 2012

Catching up

     Last Saturday the Diocese of Greensburg was visited by the Vatican Ambassador to the United States and the Nuncio to the United States Bishops Conference and the Church in the United States, Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano.  He came at the invitation of our bishop, Lawrence E. Brandt, and celebrated the Saturday evening vigil Mass at Blessed Sacrament Cathedral.  It was his first official visit to Greensburg.  All of the priests were invited to concelebrate, but of course we were constrained because of our own evening masses.  I was fortunate to secure the services of Benedictine Father Noel of Saint Vincent Archabbey, to whom I am grateful.

     Archbishop Vigano [pictured above] was the celebrant and the homilist, with Bishop Brandt concelebrating along with about twenty priests.  Many Religious Sisters were present, along with our seminarians, those who have received Papal Honors, the Cathedral and Diocesan Choir (which was outstanding), and many of the faithful.  The Nuncio's homily recognized the beauty of our newly restored cathedral but most especially the beauty of the local church gather there to celebrate the Eucharist.  It was a glorious celebration of high church.

     I smiled to myself as we waited to begin the entrance procession.  You could tell who the people were who had forgotten or not been informed that this Saturday evening mass was not an "ordinary" one.  When they saw the line of priests, the two bishops and heard the majestic horns beginning the liturgy, their look was one of uncertainty, or even fear.  I'm sure they stayed until the end! (the Mass lasted one hour and forty five minutes).  It was great.

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     Also on Saturday, June 30th, another important milestone took place, very quietly though.  That day was the anniversary of the Episcopal Ordination of our retired bishop, Anthony G. Bosco.  Bishop Bosco was ordained as an Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Pittsburgh on that date in 1970 - 42 years ago.  He also celebrated his 60th anniversary of ordination this year.  He is still active and doing well, and we ask your thoughts and prayers for him on these momentous occasions.

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