Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A worldwide Kingdom

     This past Sunday the Church celebrated the Feast of Jesus Christ Our Lord, King of the Universe.  I shared on Saturday a reflection on the feast.  But on Sunday I had the experience of sharing our 11:00 am liturgy with three brothers who have come to our diocese to bring the Word of God and to minister to God's People in this part of the world.  These three - Fathers  Ronald Maquinana, Gerry Juarez and Jose Pimentel - who have recently arrived from the Philippines to serve as priests in this missionary diocese, are wonderful priests who have accepted a great sacrifice in leaving family and diocese to come to the U.S.  They join two others who have been with us for over two years now, and who have endeared themselves to us, Fathers Joseph and Jimmie.

     Their visit to our parish was a part of their introduction to the diocese and their period of adjustment to this local Church.  Each had the opportunity to introduce themselves to the people of SEAS (Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton) and to receive our wholehearted welcome.  After Mass I invited them to dinner, and found out a little more of their lives and experiences of priesthood.  They are delightful, and I am sure a welcome addition to our priestly service.  They are awaiting their assignments, so keep them in your prayers ... and if you are local, express your welcome to them if and when you meet them.

     So, on the feast of the King of the Universe, it was a universal as well as local celebration of Catholic Faith.

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