Monday, November 12, 2012

Good Stewards

     In the story of creation, after God had made all things, he created Adam and Eve.  They were created in his image and likeness.  He placed them within the garden and entrusted to them all of his handiwork, calling them to be stewards of his bounty.  They were to speak and act in his name, laying their lives on the line in praise of God and in fulfillment of his will.

     That role of stewardship is paramount to our understanding of ourselves as followers of Christ.  We are called to speak and act in his name, to pattern our lives after Christ as selfless givers, laying all on the line for the sake of the Gospel message.

     This past Sunday we had Saint Paul remind us that Jesus, unlike the other high priests who simply repeated a ritual sacrifice, as "the" High Priest gave his very life in sacrifice for our sins.  That sacrifice is so momentous that it continues to give life and provide grace.  He laid all on the line, freely, for our sakes.  We encountered the poor widow at the temple treasury who gave a few small coins, worth a few cents, but worth more than what countless others gave because she gave of her want, she sacrificed for the honor and glory of God.  She laid all on the line, freely, in a spirit of grateful praise.  We also encountered the widow of Zeraphath who freely shared with the prophet her last morsel because he was doing the Lord's work.   She laid all on the line, and was greatly blessed.

     This past Sunday (November 11th) was also Veterans' Day in the United States, a day to remember, reflect upon, and give thanks to those who "laid all on the line" for this great nation and the world community for the cause of peace.  Many paid the ultimate sacrifice ... all gave of themselves in love of God and neighbor ... they continue to stand as guardians of the virtues and values of a great nation blessed by God.  They, too, are good stewards of God's gifts.

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