Monday, February 25, 2013

Check your sources

     With the momentous and historic events in the Church in the days and weeks to come, there is no lack of media reporting and social media comments.  Some of it comes from curiosity, some of it is outright biased and sensational reporting or hate filled social media attacks on the Church, and unfairly, on the Holy Father, and some of it is just plain good reporting.  I said on Sunday that with all of the conspiracy theories going around, Dan Brown, the author, will have multiple story lines for his works of fiction.

     Where is the truth to be found, and balanced reporting?  Obviously the Vatican News Service itself at is a great source.  Also the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops at  A good source on TV and a blog entitled "Joan's Rome" can be found on  But my primary source of info is Whispers in the Loggia by Rocco Palmo found at

     Enjoy and immerse yourselves in the unfolding mystery of God at work within our midst, at the pageantry and tradition of centuries old practices alive within the modern age, and, of course, history, new and exciting.

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