Monday, June 10, 2013

A compassionate God

     I mentioned to the people yesterday during the homily that on Saturday evening I watched on TNT the more recent remake of the movie "Clash of the Titans".  It is the story of Perseus and his struggle with the gods of Mount Olympus, particularly his father Zeus.  In Greek mythology the gods on Mount Olympus were so far above mere human mortals that they saw them and used them as toys for entertainment.  Their need of them was for praise and exultation and very little more.  And their dealings with them were anything but loving or just.  They manipulated mortals and toyed with them.  They saw them as playthings for entertainment and nothing more.  If they were in a good mood, they could be benevolent.  If they were in a bad mood, they could be deadly.

      There may be times when we view our God in just this way - as one who plays games with us, one who really does not care.  How far from the truth this concept is!  The God of our Fathers has revealed himself to us as a loving and caring God.  We, the handy work of his creative powers are seen by him as his children, not as mere creatures.  His dealings with us are just, and rooted in love, and life giving.  Absolute proof of this is found in the gift of his Son to us, as one like us in all things but sin.  It is found in the invitation to be his family, to be his body, to be Church.  It is found in our being brought to the heavenly banquet through our sharing in the Eucharistic table.  He brings us healing and restores life, as we heard in both the Hebrew Scriptures and in the Gospel account today.  We are not his play things, but rather we are the love of his heart.

     What better reason to give thanks to God and sing his praises.

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