Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A sad loss

     I like to read, and during the summer months in particular I have taken an author and read his or her varied series based on a particular character.  I just started a new series this week.  This is made particularly easy since I purchased my Nook, which I love (as you get older, the back lighted pages are easier on the eyes, as is the print size).

     I began the practice about three years ago when I had my knee replacement during the summer months and spent loads of time on the porch recuperating.  A parishioner and friend who is on our Finance Council - Randy Anselmino - got me hooked on the exploits of a character named Mitch Rapp, a CIA counterterrorism operative, a creation of author Vince Flynn.  Since 1997 when he wrote "Term Limits" which is the only one that did not include Mitch as a character, Vince Flynn has written 14 novels and sold over 15 million books, the latest of which was published just last year.  I have read all of the books (before Nook, they came from Randy's paperback lending library), and I have enjoyed the series.

     I saw on the news today that Vince Flynn, the author and creator of Mitch Rapp, died at the age of 47 in St. Paul, Minnesota, after a two year battle with prostate cancer.  He is survived by his wife and three children, family and many close friends, and a legion of devoted readers like myself.  Selfishly, this is a sad day.  But not for Vince.

     I read previously and have seen it stated in the press releases today that Vince was a life long Roman Catholic whose faith was vitally important to him.  In the Obituary that I read from Associated Press it mentioned that a life long friend stated that he was surrounded by the people that he loved as they prayed the rosary and entrusted him to the loving care of the Lord.  What a way to let go, even at such a young age.  Thank God for faith.  And I join with others who thank God for the creativity of this good man.  May he rest in peace.

     Interested in action packed political thrillers, here is the chronological list of his books.  I found them good reading:
"Term Limits" (without Mitch Rapp); "American Assassin"; "Kill Shot"; "Transfer of Power"; "The Third Option"; "Separation of Power"; "Executive Power"; "Memorial Day"; "Consent to Kill"; "Act of Treason"; "Protect and Defend"; "Extreme Measures"; "Pursuit of Honor"; and "The Last Man".  A part of the creative legacy of Vince Flynn.

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