Tuesday, August 13, 2013

It is not about me

     We have been reading about Moses in the weekday scriptures from Deuteronomy of late.  Remember his story?

     Saved from death by his mother, who was inspired not to follow the Egyptian law that every male child of the Hebrew people must be put to death, Moses was found and came under the protection of Pharaoh's daughter.  Raised in privilege in the royal court, Moses had everything.  Then came that moment of temper that saw him lose his status and position, and forced him to go into exile.  Settling down as a shepherd for his father-in-law, Moses encountered God in the burning bush, and God called him to accept a task that he was reluctant to embrace, to be a spokesman and leader of his people.  But he took up the responsibility, confronted Pharaoh, led his people out of Egypt through the sea and into the desert.  He beheld the face of God when given the tablets of the law and was assured that he would lead his people to a "promised land", a land flowing with milk and honey.   Forty years he led them   Then, on the edge of that promised land, God told Moses that Joshua would be the one to lead the people into the promise ... Moses would not cross over.

     I'm not sure about you, but I think that I would be an unhappy camper!  I did all of this, put up with everything, was faithful (except for that moment of doubt when he tapped the rock not once but twice in order to bring water out of the rock for the people), and now I don't get to cross the threshold?

     But there was the lesson to be learned.  It is not about me, it is about God.  It is not about what I want, it is about God's plan and design.   Moses understood that he had done his part, he had led the people to the promised land - but not into the promised land - now it was Joshua's time.  It was God's plan, and Moses was the humble servant.

     In today's Gospel of Matthew, Jesus stands a child in the midst of his followers who had been arguing about who was the greatest in the Kingdom.  He points out that this child is the greatest because he does not seek the glory.  It is not about this child, it is not about them, it is about God working within them.  Good lessons to be learned.


     Pope Francis tweeted on Sunday - August 11th:

One cannot separate Christ and the Church.
The grace of baptism gives us
the joy of following Christ
in and with the Church.
To all of those angry with the Church for a variety of reasons, it is an important lesson to be learned.  You cannot know Christ and possess his grace apart from his Body which is the Church.  Sadly, too many people don't understand that truth.  Pray for them.

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