Friday, August 2, 2013


    The little perks in life are to be appreciated.  Hopefully we don't expect them as our right or privilege, but rather see them as a blessing and sometimes an expression of respect and love.  I have had a few perks that have come my way over the years, including one this morning.  But in reflection ...

     ... Those of you old enough to remember the early seventies remember the gasoline shortage, rationing according to odd and even plate numbers and limits to how much gas at one time.  I was at IC in Irwin, and we had a parishioner with a gas station.  He told us that he could not ignore the rationing restrictions, but if we needed gas, we could get our quota, go around the block, and come in again.  It was one of the perks he could give to his priests.

     ... When in Masontown I hung out at a great restaurant called Dolfi's - so much so that Greg, the owner, gave me my own reserved seat/booth that was rarely given to anyone else.  A nice perk that I accepted.

     ... In Greensburg at Jioio's restaurant (I eat out alot) the owner and chef would make me baked chicken breasts with lemon butter at my request, an item not on the menu, but known to the staff as "Father Len's chicken".  Another great perk.

     ... And this morning I received another wonderful perk.  My adult daily mass server is Ace Mathias, whose wife Marcie is an excellent baker.  They belong to Saint Agnes, but Ace serves the weekday Masses here.  This weekend is Saint Agnes' Festival, and Marcie bakes.  One of my favorites and her specialties is a peach pie made with Chambersburg peaches (for those not from this area - the juiciest, tastiest peaches).  My perk this morning before Mass was a warm, fresh out the oven, peach pie.  Tonight, when I go to the festival, I will make my payment to the baked goods stand (I do not want to cheat the festival) ... my perk is receiving it ahead of time, since her wares sale out quickly.  Thanks, Marcie.

     Sometimes perks are wonderful ... and this weekend's dessert will be deeply appreciated and enjoyed.

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