Monday, February 17, 2014

Seeking Discernment

     We make decisions almost every moment of our lives.  Everything we do is governed by choices that we make.  Some are small and inconsequential - what should I wear today, what's for lunch, should I blog today ... and some are vitally important and life changing - how do I express my love for God, what should I do with my life, how do I witness to others about Christ, how do I make my "Yes" mean "Yes" and my "No" mean "No" so that I not give in to the evil one.

     These decisions are rooted in many things - our needs and desires, our likes and dislikes, the opinion of the society around us, the laws of the land, the prevailing trends and marketing, the value we place upon friendships, our desire to fit in and belong.  But those decisions also require of us a wisdom that must be found in the Wisdom provided by the author of life.  I say must, because it is from that ultimate and essential choice made by the creator to call us by name and love us to life, that everything flows.  A truly wise person knows and acknowledges that reality.  And the wisdom shared with us invites us to embrace and follow the law of God - the commandments, yes, but most importantly the law of love from which they flow.  Difficult as it may seem in our world, if we choose, we can keep the commandments and be saved, we can trust in God and live.  The Lord gives us the choice - fire and water, life and death, good and evil.  He does not make the choice for us, for then we would be forced, coerced, bound, but rather he gives us the freedom to make our decisions with wisdom and in grace.  He desires us to know him, to act justly and to not give in to temptation and sin.

     Paul in his letter to Corinth yesterday reminds us that God's wisdom is spoken to the mature of heart.  We are not kids, children who want their own way, but rather adults who understand the importance of wisdom in making our choices, our decisions both great and small.  We are given God's wisdom which is mysterious, hidden, and set in place for OUR glory by a loving creator.  Eye has not seen and ear has not heard what God has ready for those who love him.  The Spirit reveals this to us as she reveals the depths of God's love.  Choose wisely in all things ... and CHOOSE LIFE!

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