Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The power of prayer

     Back on February 4th I mentioned in my post for that day the circumstances and need for prayer for a friend of mine who was in a terrible traffic accident just days before.  Her name is Nancy and her husband is George, and they are from Connellsville, PA.  This past Monday was four weeks since her car and a plow/salt truck met up on a snowy highway while she was on her way to work.  She definitely got the worst of the encounter, and for days the prognosis did not look promising.  Her brother-in-law recently posted on facebook about Nancy's condition, and I feel a little more open to mentioning the extent of her injuries as well as her condition.  There was severe brain trauma and strokes which led to surgery.  There was extensive surgeries on both legs to repair broken and crushed bones, and she was on a vent and nearly unresponsive for a long time.  And heaven was bombarded with prayers for intercession and healing and the miracle that seemed to be necessary.

     As of last week there are definite signs of improvement.  She was moved to a step down unit, is breathing on her own with a trach tube, and shows signs of recognition and movement.  But the road ahead is still uncertain except for the fact that it will be long and difficult.  I continue to ask you for prayers for Nancy, and for her husband and children and Mom and family. 

     I mention this today also because I want to say how impressed I continue to be with the strength and dedication of this family in their love for Nancy.  They obviously have become fixtures at the hospital.  Recently Pope Francis tweeted these words about the sick: on world day of prayer for the sick on February 11th he said "I greet those who are sick and suffering.  Christ Crucified is with you; cling to him."  and on the 17th of February he tweeted "To all who are sick, do not lose hope, especially when your suffering is at its worst.  Christ is near you."  Surrounded by the faith and love of family and friends, I am sure that Nancy is aware of that simple fact that "Christ is near her".  When I was with her last, her eyes moved from George to me as I greeted her and there was a look of recognition.  George told her that if she was glad to see me, then blink.  There was a clear and definite blink of the eyelids.  We all smiled as we shared our love for her.  Nancy is one of countless who suffer greatly and with great courage.  Her family is one of many who faithfully stand by their loved ones with love and hope and deep faith.  I have been honored to share in this difficult month with this family.

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