Monday, May 12, 2014

A Mother's love

     In this great nation of ours we celebrate Mother's Day today (I actually began this post Sunday afternoon before the Internet connection was lost).  One of the gentlemen arriving at Mass today told me that he had heard on TV that Mother's Day is one hundred years old in its celebration.  But we are aware that the love and respect that we show to the woman who gave us birth, to the woman who loved and guided our lives through growth, and the woman who inspired and corrected us on our sometimes wayward journey was not defined by a national holiday, nor by a day of recognition or celebration.  It is a natural response to our blessedness.  It is a natural recognition of the gift that our Moms are to us.

     At Mass yesterday I shared this blessing with all Moms present, borrowed from the bulletin of Transfiguration Parish in Marietta Georgia.  I found that it says what needs to be said.

On this day, we thank You for our mother's
love, patience, courage, and faith.
On this day, we bless mothers everywhere
so that they may continue to find
dignity and meaning
in their pivotal role of child nurturing.
Protect them from the negative values
which weaken the home.
Rearrange our priorities, O Lord, our God,
that we may, through the gift of our mothers,
give our homes, our families, our loved ones,
and especially our children,
the attention they require and deserve.
Bless our homes as centers of
and pleasure.
We ask this in the name of Him
who was reared in that lovely home in Nazareth,
through Christ our Lord.
     My sister Janie and I were blessed with a Mom who, along with Dad, brought acceptance, love, growth and happiness into our home.  We still are blessed with a Mom whose love for us has intensified as she stands with Dad before the throne of God in heaven interceding on our behalf with an unqualified love.  Mom entered into glory nine years ago this past March (and Dad twelve years this past Saturday).  May they rest in peace, and may they know the deep and abiding love that we have for them.

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