Monday, May 5, 2014

Good People

     From Ash Wednesday through Good Friday on every Friday during Lent, our parish family hosts a series of Lenten Fish Dinners.  Many parishes do this during Lent, and in this part of the country "everyone" becomes Catholic during Lent, as churches of all denominations, restaurants, fire hall, and civic organizations adopt the practice of "meatless Fridays".  Our fish dinners have been going on for eighteen years now, and with little advertisement but great word of mouth, we do very well.  We serve from 4:00 to 7:00 pm on the Fridays, we have sit down seating as well as take out, and we have an extensive menu - five different dinners, sandwiches, and a great "a la carte" menu.  Our average Friday sees us serving between 600 to 700 orders.  And it is all done by volunteers, great people of all ages who do everything.  The Fish Dinners are not only a good fund raiser for the parish, but they are also a great time of fellowship with people from all over.

Julie & Debbie 
me with Debbie

     Last Sunday ( a week from yesterday) we as a parish expressed our deep appreciation to the volunteer workers for this effort, which is over one hundred strong.  About seventy five were able to join us for a dinner in our hall on the afternoon of the 27th of April.  We did not serve fish!  These good men and women, boys and girls - some of whom have been working the dinners for the eighteen years of its existence - are generous with their time, are good people of Faith, and are a blessing to me and the parish.  Our co-chairs, Debbie Pazahoski and Julie McNamara, pictured above, are dedicated leaders of the group.  Our day was one of enjoying each other and giving thanks.

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