Thursday, July 24, 2014

Missing the boat

     In the passage from Matthew's Gospel today Jesus tells his friends some harsh things.  He says that there were (and still are) a growing number of people who have missed the boat.  They are so caught up in themselves and the world around them that they have fallen into the trap of seeing themselves as equal to God if not gods themselves.  "They look but do not see and hear but do not listen or understand", thus Jesus speaks to them in parables, because their hearts and minds are closed to the truth and God's ways are beyond their acceptance.  He simplifies the message to filter out the static and noise of temptation and sin.

     Jesus quotes Isaiah the prophet when he speaks of another people of another time who "missed the boat".  Isaiah says of that people that they hear but do not understand ... they look but never see ... they have a gross heart ... somewhat but unlike the old image of the three monkeys that see, hear and speak no evil, these people choose to see, hear and speak no good because they have chosen death, although they may not know it as yet.

     But Jesus tells his disciples, and us, that we are blessed because we see and hear and understand that which many over the course of time have longed for and had not had the opportunity to embrace - the promise of God to humanity, the gift of life found in his Son, Jesus, and the invitation to be one with him.  Thank God that we have not missed the boat, and pray God that more who have will realize that the boat is pulling into shore to take on those who are beginning to see and hear and understand - for all are called to life in Christ.

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