Friday, November 7, 2014

A special lady

     Father Bob Lubic is a priest of our diocese, pastor of the churches in Connellsville and chaplain of the Geibel School Community.  On his facebook page yesterday he posted that he visited Saint Anne Home for the Elderly in Greensburg, looking for a parishioner, and came across the mother of one of our deceased priests, Father Angelo Ciuffoletti.  Mrs. Irene Ciuffoletti was in her wheelchair waiting to enter the dining room for dinner.  He remembered her from a previous assignment when she still lived at home, and they had a delightful conversation.


     What is so unusual is that Mrs. Ciuffoletti, still active and alert, is reportedly the 19th oldest person in the United States at the age of 111 years and 293 days.  She has outlived her priest son by seven years.  And she is not the only long lived mother of a priest at Saint Anne Home.  Bishop Lawrence Brandt, our diocesan bishop, visits his mom at the same facility, and she, too, is over 100 years of age and doing well.

     There is a venerable tradition that holds the parents of a priest in special esteem, especially the mother of a priest.  I thank Father Bob for reminding us of this beautiful lady, and I ask your prayers for all of the parents of priests, those still with us and those having gone home to heaven.  And pray for their children, especially their priest sons.

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