Monday, May 18, 2015

8th Grade Graduation

     Despite an evening of steady rain, torrential at time, with lightning and thunder, I was honored to be a part of a wonderful celebration of the Norwin Catholic Community and our neighbors as we recognized the accomplishments of the Eighth Grade Students of Queen of Angels, our Regional Catholic School, and to acknowledge their moving onward.  We did this by way of the 23rd Graduation Liturgy this evening at Saint Agnes Church.  Monsignor Paul Fitzmaurice, the pastor, led us in prayer and was joined by five other local priests, the faculty and administration and many family and friends of our nine graduates of 2015.  As I mentioned, this is the 23rd graduation ceremony for Queen of Angels, which is the Regional Catholic School in our area serving Pre-K through Grade eight.  But Catholic School education goes way back in this area and preceded Queen of Angels in Immaculate Conception, Saint Agnes and Saint Edward Schools.  We have a great school, excellent faculty and staff, and committed parents.  The challenges are many, financially and enrollment wise, but we strive to continue the long and strong  commitment to Catholic Education in this area.

     Father John Moineau, the president of our Board of Trust Administrators (the five sponsoring pastors) shared words of inspiration and presented the awards.  Each pastor presented their graduate with their certificate.   The class had chosen as their motto this quote:

"Friends are like your favorite books:
you keep them with you
until you know them by heart."
     Being a part of a small class allows you to know and cherish the memories that you have of your friends, and I am sure that Cole, Claire, Hannah, Katherine, Lacey, Nolan, Mary Alice, Carley and Layla will find that true.  As our Principal, Mrs. Sandi Stonebraker expressed in the program -
"We wish our eighth grade students the best as they move on to a new school.  Our thoughts and prayers go with you always.
God bless you."
To that sentiment I add my own
If you had an Eighth Grade Graduation, do you remember it?
I do ... but could not find the picture of our class standing on the steps of the old Saint Joseph Church in Uniontown.  Our Assistant at the time, Father Anthony Wozniak, is one of our retired priests.

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