Saturday, June 20, 2015

A busy weekend - Part IV - the main event

     It has been a week already, but continuing the events of last weekend for me, the main event (following Diaconate Ordinations in the morning) was the Awards Dinner for the Saint Vincent Preparatory School Reunion 2015 held at the Fred M. Rogers Center on campus.  The dinner began with refreshments at 6:00 pm followed by the program and the dinner.  A welcome and invocation was given prior to the awarding of the Alumnus of Distinction Awards by Brother Norman Hipps, President of the College.  The awardees were Mr. Robert Citrone, P'59,C'63 ... Father Mario Fulgenzi, O.S.B., P'59,C'64,S'68 ... Dr. Edward Kelly, P'59 ... Mr. George Puskar, P'63 ... and yours truly, Father Leonard Stoviak, P'65.  This award has been given out since the 1982 reunion, and this was the 27th group to receive this award and I was the 70th recipient.  I was truly honored by this award and overwhelmed by the outstanding accomplishments of my fellow awardees.  Brother Norman introduced each of us and said some very kind words about me, even  highlighting and encouraging those attending to check out this blog "Journey Thoughts".  He commented that Father Bryant Halloran, our English professor, would have been very proud of this accomplishment.  The award is very beautiful, and once I figure out how to take a picture without my reflection in it, I'll post that image.

     The Jubilee classes of 50th (ours), 55th, 60th, 65th, 70th and 75th years were recognized and given a lapel pin.

     A delicious dinner followed before we moved into the Prep Hall of Famers Awards presentation to eight alumni: Dr. Robert Buck,P'63 ... Mr. Peter Guerrera III,P'64,C'68 ... Mr. John Harvan, Jr.,P'59,C'66 ... Mr. Tom Jenkins (a classmate),P'65,C'69 ... Mr. Norm Mihn (another classmate),P'65,C'69 ...Father Warren Murrman, O.S.B.,P'56,C'61,S'65 ... Mr. Robert Pezzoli,P'66,C'70 ... and Mr. Thomas Wagner,P'66.   Finally a Distinguished Service Award was presented to another classmate, Mr. Matthew Kristofik,P'65,C'75.

     Archabbot Douglas Nowicki gave some remarks and concluded with Benediction.  It was a wonderful gathering and a very special time for me.

     I want to express my deep gratitude for this honor and distinction, and the the generous hospitality shown to all of the Prep alumni and their guests.  Fifty years is a long time, but how quickly our memories and recollections allowed us to renew friendships.

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