Friday, June 26, 2015

Another challenge to our values

     A long time ago I learned in sociology class that the basic unit of society was the family, and that the family consisted in the committed union of one man and one woman in marriage, rooted in their love and respect for each other, their mutual satisfaction and happiness, and in the love for their family (children) that became an integral component of their marriage, the procreation of children for the growth and development of society.  This concept was an outgrowth of biblical teaching and understanding, but found its foundation in natural law and has been understood by most civilized societies from the earliest of times.  It definitely is foundational in our Judeo-Christian belief system which has been the hallmark of Western society.   But the erosion of this teaching in these last fifty plus years is overwhelming.

     The basic unit of society today is the individual, and the happiness of the individual is paramount at whatever the cost, so that family life and marriage, the essential element of openness to children for the betterment of society, commitment and fidelity, the good of the larger whole have given way to the rights of the individual over all things.  The rich heritage of history, even with its moments of weakness and failure, have given way to the idea that "the good is what makes me happy and satisfies my needs".

     Today's Supreme Court decision to redefine the essential definition of marriage as the law of the land, is another step toward an undermining of the foundational elements of our society.  We have seen many such moves over the years as  practices develop and morality is taken away from God given law and placed within the framework of "what makes me happy".  We have seen laws, local and state and national and international describe our newfound freedom as our right to do whatever we want.  We have divorced morality from the God given morals that society has held dear.  We have replaced God's law with legislative and court decisions that will serve the present moment but are rooted on an unsure foundation.  And to disagree with this tampering with a higher law and holding to a God given moral compass makes you a bigot.

    I am surprised at how deeply saddened I am by today's decision to redefine marriage, even though it was no surprise.  It is the loss of another intrinsic element of my life as a citizen of this great nation that I mourn.  We have lost so many, and the end is not within sight.  May God have mercy on His people and this nation.

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