Friday, March 11, 2016

Five Years

     It was a Friday morning in the first week of Lent in 2011.  I was visited by a good friend and brother, Mike Ripple and his son.  He had some knowledge of the blogging world and got me set up, and for that I am very grateful.  My first post was as follows:


     As Lent begins, so does my entry into the world of blogging.  It has been my desire to share my thoughts through this medium for a while now.  Finally, on this first Friday of Lent, a good friend and fellow blogger, Michael Ripple, got me set up.  I am grateful.  He and his son Isaac are visiting.

     I hope to share my thoughts on a variety of experiences and issues that touch my life.  I have always referred to our sojourn as a follower of Christ as a journey, truly a journey of a lifetime.  The Good News that speaks of God's blessings is too important to be kept quiet.  I will endeavor to share my blessings with you.  I hope that you find my posts challenging and inspiring."

      Here it is again a Friday duruing Lent, but this time in the Fourth week of the season.  Mike and his family are at home in Erie, and young Isaac in interviewing for music programs in college (he is a very gifted musician, like his dad).  I continue to serve as pastor of this great community of people at Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Church and cherish the tremendous blessing of my nearly forty-three years of priesthood.  And I count this experience of sharing in JOURNEY THOUGHTS as less of a ministry and more of a blessing in my life as a priest.    We continue our journey together through God's grace.  Thank you for your faithful friendship.

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