Thursday, March 10, 2016

On the threshold

     Today is an "On the threshold" day.

     Tomorrow, March 11th, will mark the fifth anniversary of the first posting of Journey Thoughts.  I will resurrect that short post tomorrow.

     I am also on the threshold of reaching my 1,000th post, with this being 993.  That is a lot of words, some of which I hope were worthwhile.

     And we are on the threshold of reaching 90,000 page views in these five years (just about 500 shy at 89,453 to date).  Not anywhere close to Whispers or the Holy Father's Twitter followers, but not bad for this simple pastor in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

     Even though I have slowed down in postings from those early days of the blog, I am truly blessed to be on this Journey with all of you.  God is very good!

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