Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Longevity and Faith

Within the past month our local Church and our local community, as well as our priestly presbyterate have lost two women of Faith whose lives spanned 220 years.  Both were mothers of priests who served this Diocese, and both were good women who inspired many.  Both had been residents of Saint Anne's Home in Greensburg.

On April 4th, Pricilla Brandt, mother of our retired Bishop Lawrence E. Brandt, died in her sleep at the age of 107.  Mrs. Brandt's life was long and interesting, and she took great delight in all things, the simple and the extraordinary.   I remember Bishop Brandt having an enjoyable conversation with my sister soon after he arrived in the Diocese as they discussed the various soap operas on tv that each of our mom's enjoyed.  I also remember Mrs. Brandt taking great delight in the fact that her son was "the bishop".  She was a good woman of Faith whose life spanned a remarkable time frame.

And on May 7th, Mrs. Irene Ciuffoletti, another resident of Saint Anne's Home and possibly the oldest resident of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, died at the age of 113.  She was the mother of one of our deceased priests, Father Angelo Ciuffoletti.  Her funeral Mass was this afternoon in her home town of New Kensington.  Mrs. Ciuffoletti, who I mentioned in an earlier post, was active and alert, loved life and her relationship with the Lord, and was also an inspiration to those who knew her.
May these two good women
enjoy eternity and
And may the souls of the Faithful Departed
through the mercy of God,
rest in peace.

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