Saturday, June 11, 2016

A Shepherd's Heart

     A week ago Friday the Church celebrated the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  I mentioned at Mass that the Heart of Jesus that gives us the love of God invites us to join with him and become holy, sacred.  And while we call the heart of Jesus a Sacred Heart, it is also the heart of a shepherd, the Good Shepherd ... a loving, caring heart of mercy and compassion.

     The following day, on that Saturday morning of June 4th, Bishop Edward Malesic ordained to the priesthood for the Church and the Diocese Greensburg a young man by the name of Ryan Ravis.  He is a delightful man of faith and love, of enthusiasm and great expectations.  His story has been told in interviews that can be found in our Diocesan Newspaper, The Catholic Accent, and on the Diocesan website.  It is a great story of how God is the one in charge of the direction in our lives, and we are truly blessed that the Lord has led him to ministry in priesthood.  I hope and pray that he has many year - "Multos annos" - and happiness and service with the heart of a shepherd. 

Pictures courtesy of the Diocese of Greensburg facebook site

     There is a hymn that we sing whose first verse goes something like this: "If you love me, feed my lambs.  Be my heart, my hands, my voice.  If you love me feed my sheep.  And for my part, I give you the heart, of a shepherd."  May Ryan continue to love the Lord. May he be the hands and the heart and the voice of Jesus to all he meets.  May he feed the lambs and sheep entrusted to him.  And may he find the gift of the Heart of a Shepherd as promised by the Lord.

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