Thursday, August 3, 2017

A new responsibility

     On Monday of this week I awoke early to travel the few miles from my new home to attend an Orientation Meeting for the new Board Members of St. Anne Home in Greensburg.  The Orientation was hosted and guided by Jeff Long, the President and CEO of St. Anne Home, assisted by a number of his staff.  I have been asked and have been approved to serve a three year term on the Board of Directors.  There are four of us who are joining the Board.

     St. Anne Home is a ministry of the Felician Sisters of North America dedicated to the continuing healing mission of Jesus Christ by providing a continuum of care and supportive services to adults, their families, and their caregivers.  Originally established in 1964 by the Diocese of Greensburg and placed under the care of the Felician Sisters, in April of 1996 St. Anne Home sponsorship was placed under the Felician Sisters as a non-profit corporation.  Originally built as a 125 bed facility, St. Anne Home has continued to expand facilities and programs to meet the every growing needs of God's People.

A service in one of the courtyards.

Entrance to St. Anne Home - Villa Angela building

     The meeting was long but interesting, and the great work being accomplished there, while long known and acknowledged by those in the Church and in the civic community, is a blessing to the residents and their families.  I am honored to lend my gifts to the ongoing ministry of St. Anne Home by serving on the Board of Directors.

     I myself have spent a few days of rehab following my knee replacement about seven years ago, and received great care.  I have known many of the Sisters and some of the staff over the years, and have been able to be supportive of the fundraising efforts and pastoral ministry through the Anointing Services.

     The core values of this important ministry within the Church are these:  St. Anne Home values Personhood ... People ... Community ... Our Physical Assets plus Teamwork and Communication. Information on the program and facilities can be found on their web site -

     Also present at the Orientation was Christy Kremer, the assistant Administrator, who reminded me that I witnessed the wedding of she and her husband while pastor at the Church of Saint Paul in Greensburg in 1995.  Another presentation was made by the Director of the Fund Raising Campaign who remembered me from my Scottdale days.  Her name has slipped my mind, and I do apologize.

     The Lord is good, and I entrust this new experience to his grace and mercy.

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