Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Holy Wisdom

     There are two sources of wisdom that we as followers of Jesus Christ are called to embrace and into which we immerse ourselves.  Obviously, if we are to be leaven in the world and affect a radical transformation of a world touched by sin, we need to have a wisdom and a knowledge of what we speak of and to whom we witness.  This knowledge is more than just book learning, it requires the ability to think, to reason, to make critical decisions based in truth and not in whim.  It requires our use of one of those specific and unique qualities that defines a human being from the rest of creation - that we reason and decide, and take responsibility for our actions.

     To be truly wise, though, requires that we become one with Christ ... that his Spirit, the Holy Spirit, Wisdom, which he gives to us with deep love and affection find a place in our hearts and guide and direct our minds and hearts to choose wisely. 

     Miriam and Aaron chose badly in the first reading of today's liturgy and find themselves at odds with the Lord.  Psalm 51 show the wisdom of the repentant sinner who humbles himself before a merciful God.  And in the gospel we encounter those who need to justify themselves in the law and close themselves to the heart of the message of the great commandment of love.

     Today the Church honors Dominic, a contemporary of Saint Francis who lived between 1170 - 1221.  He founded the Dominicans - the Order of Preachers - and in his ministry and the charism that he shared with his followers, preached with power and conviction the Holy Wisdom of God united to the wisdom of this world.  He/they preached the goodness of all that God has given us, including our bodies and the things of this world.  Dominic instructed his followers to engage in rigorous academic studies so that this aspect of wisdom can be transformed by that Holy Wisdom that we are called to embrace. 

     May the Holy Wisdom of God inspire us, guide us, and enlighten us as we continue our journey.

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