Monday, February 27, 2012

I am the Lord

The readings for these early days of Lent are full of rich and beautiful images and truths. Today we have the Lord speak through Moses and tell the people "Be holy, for I the Lord, your God, am holy." He then spells out how this can be accomplished, in very clear and down to earth terms. The Lord continually gives the reason for doing what he states is necessary to be holy. It is very simple, really. The reason to live a good life is simply because God is God, he is LORD.

Who we are is dependent upon the Lordship of God in our lives. Everything flows from that reality. Be holy as the Lord, our God, is holy.

The gospel then gives us a reaffirmation of our involvement with each other through charity and love, praising those who minister to others in the Lord's name. This Lent, let us strive for that holiness which is our destiny.

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