Sunday, February 26, 2012

More than a bath . . .

Peter in his first letter reminds us that the waters of baptism does more than cleanse the body, it invites us to go beyond and into a relationship with God, to live the life that we are called to. The waters of baptism are just the beginning of a journey of a lifetime, setting the stage for the transforming grace of God to come alive in our lives and guide us to holiness.

The waters of the flood destroyed the sinfull world. But it did not end there . . . the rainbow in the sky was a sign to the remnant of eight that it was the beginning, the beginning of a renewed and intense relationship that would be lifegiving.

In this Lenten season we are reminded that the cleansing grace of the Lord's forgiveness is also not only an end, but of a new beginning of our lived call to holiness. With that in mind, embrace salvation, welcome forgiveness, and be holy!

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