Thursday, September 6, 2012

A day to relax

      AN UPDATE  ...  I mentioned in my last post of an earthquake in Costa Rica yesterday, in an area where my cousin, Joy, and her family lives.  We heard from them, and even though they were frightened by the shaking, none of them were hurt and there was minimal damage.  It seems that the quake was very deep, which lessens destruction.  To those who thought of them and said a prayer, they and I are very grateful.


     Today was one of those great days of relaxing and doing very little.  Wednesday into Thursday is my usual time to attempt to step back from the ordinary routine and relax.  Today was that day.

     I slept late, watched some morning TV, went to the movies with a priest friend and then joined with the Queen of Angels School Family for their "back to school" picnic at Oak Hollow Park, a township picnic park in the area.  The event was covered dish (which we seem to like to do in this area) and the amount and variety of food was unbelievable.  The kids had fun, the parents chatted, and the evening went extremely well.  There were close to 250 in attendance.  Tomorrow is another special event for the school community - a Walk-a-thon on the grounds of Saint Edward Church in Herminie.  The kids get sponsors to support their walking, with the proceeds going to the school.  Even the priests are getting into this by getting sponsors for themselves.  I, however, have problems with mobility, so my sponsors are supporting my "watching" of the walkers ( still received $150.00 in sponsorships).  I am looking forward to tomorrow, and will fill you in on the event. 

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