Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Commitment & dedication

     I am always inspired by the love and commitment of people toward the people that they love and share life with.  This morning at Mass, the intention was for a dear lady, Dorothy Bratton, who has been gone from us for over a year.  Her husband, Chuck, was at the Mass, missing her terribly.  Dorothy for many years was in less than good health and was confined to a wheelchair, yet they were very active and always at church or some event or function.  In all of this, Chuck took exceedingly good care of his wife, and showed great patience and love. At many of the women's events we were the only guys present.  He is a true inspiration.

     Yesterday I celebrated the funeral for a man from our parish, Paul Mendicino, who was in his late eighties.  For at least the last year and a half if not more his wife took wonderful care of him on a non stop basis.  He had suffered a stroke, I believe, and was suffering from Alzheimer's, and needed round the clock care.  Dorothy's love and commitment to her husband, Paul, is an inspiration, and a testimony to her dedication.  A true inspiration.

     Then this morning I celebrated the funeral for Stephen Ott, another parishioner who was a bit younger than Paul and ill not as long, but whose wife Sandra and family loved and cared for him with great joy, despite the challenge and hardship.  Again, this was, like the others, not just a sense of duty, but an act of love.  Another true inspiration.

     Dorothy, Paul and Steve were touched by the hand of God and brought to the love of God by their spouses and their families.  They were blessed.  But Chuck, Dorothy and Sandra also are blessed by allowing themselves to be a blessing for their spouses.  While we share the emptiness that touches their lives, we also share with them the confident assurance that they did well, and that they gave inspiration to me and to many others.  God bless them.

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