Friday, December 14, 2012

Tears and sadness

     I was not near a news report until mid afternoon.  That it when I first heard of the terrible tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut that took place this morning, another gunman opening fire in the school, killing six adults/teachers and twenty youngsters, most if not all in the kindergarten.  Ever since hearing the news, I cannot stop tearing up, thinking of the anguish of those parents and the trauma of those surviving kids.  Please keep all of those involved and all of those affected by this senseless action in you special prayers.

      The soul of this nation is once again torn apart by brutality and violence.  This time it touched too many little innocent lives.  It leaves us empty (my first reaction) and sad (a natural response).  But it also leaves me angry, because it is an indication as to where this great nation is headed.  Aside from the guns in the hands of so many issue, we are a nation that has embraced the culture of death in so many varied aspects of life that tragedy and death has become normal and routine.  We do not hold life to be sacred ... we do not waste our time on respect of others ... and while promoting rights, we lessen our tolerance of the rights of others, especially those different from us or those defenseless or less powerful than us.  We are headed down a terrible path.  There is so much joking speculation about "the end of the world" taking place, but the truth is that our world is all too quickly disintegrating.  The world that I once knew and that helped formed me, though not perfect, is all too readily becoming a thing of the past.  Our values are shot, our morals are compromised, our radiance is now diminished.  I realize that I am sounding fairly negative at the moment, and that is because of the effect of today's news, but the truth persists.  The only hope, the only light at the end of the tunnel, is found in the message of Jesus and the strength that his family in the Church can provide.  We are not called to be transformed by the world but rather to transform our world by bring to her light and hope, rooted in love and peace.

May the sorrowful mother, Mary,
comfort those who mourn the loss of their loved ones and children.
And may the Good Shepherd embrace with love
the little sheep that are suffering.

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