Tuesday, December 4, 2012

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     I recently saw an advertisement for a plaque that contained some sage advice, especially in the hectic season that we find ourselves in prior to Christmas.  Things are so busy, there is so much to do, the level of activity reaches epic proportions as we attempt to "get ready".  As I get older I have learned to appreciate the gift of the Season of Advent that the Church in her wisdom places before us.  It is a time of preparation that is not activity centered, but rather one of quiet, attentive awaiting - a time of giving thanks for the gift of the historical Jesus and the events that took place in Bethlehem  so long ago - the Incarnation, God-with-us.  It is a time of giving thanks for the presence of Christ in our hearts and lives at this moment of our existence, with the challenges of keeping that relationship fresh and alive.  But it is primarily a time of reflecting upon the fact that we believe that he "will come again", the he will draw us into his heart and bring us before the Father of Creation at the end of time.

     Getting back to the ad, it said:

have the same letters.
     This period of awaiting, of anticipation, of listening requires of us not the hustle and bustle that others place upon the season, but rather the SILENCE that will allow us to truly LISTEN.  Talk about being counter-cultural!  And yet it is the best advice that I have heard for a long time.  Take time during Advent to be SILENT and LISTEN.
     Yesterday on EWTN I watched the Installation Mass of Archbishop Joseph Tobin of Indianapolis, Indiana.  I love watching these ordination/installation Masses when they occur, to see the Church at work.  I was impressed with yesterday's ceremony:  the Cathedral there seems massive (and it was filled) ... the music was great, plentiful and embraced by all present ... the ceremonies went off smoothly (which is not always the case) ... but most importantly, I was impressed with the new Archbishop, with his warmth, charm, prayerful style, and preaching.  He spoke from the heart and not from a prepared text, which to me speaks volumes.  He had his audience, and he had me.  Blessing to the Church in Indianapolis.
     And did you see that the Pope as of yesterday has a Twitter account.  I am in total ignorance of "Twitter", but I  give the Vatican credit for reaching out in the social media.  Rocco, in "Whispers" has a good post on this along with the Holy Father's Twitter address.  Check it out.

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