Monday, December 24, 2012

The quiet of Christmas Eve

     Here we are in the early afternoon of Christmas Eve.  I have picked up the last of the goodies for the feast, a few last minute items at the local grocery store (where I witnessed a parking lot encounter that was devoid of peace and joy - a man in his car, blocking incoming traffic and clearly in the wrong, "cut off" by a person with the right of way ... I thought the man in the wrong was going to have a stroke, with language and gesture and tone that missed the Christmas spirit ... thank God his grandson in the rear seat held him back!).

     But now I am home, typing this post, and relaxing until the Vigil Mass at 6:00 pm.  We precede this Mass with story telling and carols led by our Young Voices Choir who are always so jubilant and uplifting.  I can't wait!

     I have included some photos of the manger scene at the former parish of Saint John the Baptist in Scottdale from years past.  (pictures of our place will be in the next post).


     Have a blessed and peace filled Christmas Eve, and if you have not slowed down as yet ... now is the time.   Peace!

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