Thursday, January 10, 2013

A day off

     A day off is meant to lead you to doing something different, out of the ordinary.  It doesn't have to be exciting or extravagant to be refreshing.  Often on my day off I like to sleep late, take a drive or go to a movie, read a book and relax.

     Today is my day off ... and I did something a little out of the ordinary.  I had the pleasant experience of meeting with a young man of the parish who had emailed me asking if we could just get together and talk.  So today we met at the local Panera Bread for a bite to eat and some friendly conversation.  This young man, in his twenties and from a good family in the parish, had some questions about the faith.  He was not questioning the faith, but rather had questions about the faith.  Like many of his age, he had inquiries, he needed to know more, he was not sure of the background of what we believe and what we do.  His questions were great and to the point.  Unlike so many of his age, we had the confidence to approach the priest and express his desire for help in understanding the mystery of faith.  He had the courage to admit that he did not know it all and that he desired to grow in faith.

     We talked a great deal, shared experiences of faith, had some soup and great bread, and I found it a relaxing experience on this day off.  We expressed a desire and a promise to do this again.  I look forward to another rewarding encounter.

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