Sunday, January 6, 2013

A journey toward enlightenment

     As we stand at the beginning of the new year of 2013, we are blessed and challenged.  In one area, we are blessed with the availability of information, the accumulation of facts and trivia at a moments notice.  Google this or Bing that and you have at your fingertips in an instant what you want or need to know.  We can appear to be the most knowledgeable of people, and we can impress those we desire to with our abilities.

     But in that same vane, we are most challenged, for our knowledge is too easily acquired, too readily available, too peripheral to who we are.   The great philosopher Socrates, I believe, told his students who sat at his feet and pondered every word of his that they should strive to "Know Yourself".  This saying was rooted in ancient wisdom. This knowledge takes time, it is a process or journey into the truth, an understanding of the power and effectiveness that flows from the relationships that are a part of your life.  It is not a spontaneous affair nor can it be a rushed process.

     We acknowledge Jesus to be our teacher, our master, our light, the very source of truth.  We are invited into his inner circle in order to learn from him, to seek inspiration and direction in our lives, to progress in grace and favor.  We are to sit at the feet of the Master and become wise.  This is a process, a journey into truth.  Just being in his presence is a gift.

     On this feast of the Epiphany, when the magi came seeking him, following the manifestation of the star, searching for truth and meaning, looking for the great one whose birth was heralded by heavenly signs, we rejoice that the light has shown among the nations.  We give thanks that our hunger for truth and wisdom prompts us to seek an answer, not with ease but with determination and persistence.  We give great thanks for the revelation of God to us - the gift of "God With Us".  And we seek enlightenment as we seek Christ and embrace him in the intimacy of this relationship of love called faith, which leads to life that is eternal.

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