Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The best boss

     There is a program on TV called "Undercover Boss".  I must admit that I am not a regular viewer, but when I did watch it was interesting.  The premise is that the CEO of a company dons a disguise and assumes a position in one of the stores.  He/she works with the employees and listens and learns.  Sometimes he/she finds people not pulling their weight, other times he/she sees their hard work and dedication.  He/she listens to their stories, learns about the families, experiences their joys and frustrations,  At the end, he/she reveals themselves to each employee that he/she has worked with they have a face to face.  Generally it is an eye opening and sometimes humbling experience for the boss, and the times that I have watched, they has made improvements, offered encouragement and expressed gratitude in very generous ways.

     I see this program concept as good reminder but a very inadequate image of the depth of love that God has for us.  In the reading from Hebrews yesterday and today we are reminded that God has entrusted the world to us, human beings.  It was not to the angels or any other created being, but to man.  We have been entrusted as stewards with all creation.  Unworthy and inadequate as we are at times, it is our job to be good stewards.  But he does not simply leave us to our own devices.

     Like the "undercover boss", he sent his Son to be one like us, in all things but sin, so that we can be understood, affirmed, transformed and improved, but most importantly loved.  His disguise is to "be like us", but in that disguise he invites us to "be like him".  His love of us is intensified and he opens the heart of God for us to bask in his love.  Our lives will never be the same.  We come away from the experience of "working with the boss" truly enriched and transformed, and for that we should be grateful.

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